Friday, July 11, 2008

The bible is true because we said so!

Our friend, the Yominator, at the Canada Free Press tells us that the bible is true because...the bible says so!


One cannot conclude a column like this without mentioning philosophical and logical proofs of the Divinity of the Bible, the Torah. To begin with, the Bible is the only book in the history of mankind to make the claim that part of it was given by the Creator in front of an entire nation (of 600,000 families, totaling a few million people).

Wow. That claim is so completely not impressing me in the slightest. You see a claim like that would naturally generate a ton of collaborating evidence from those millions of people. So to verify the claim that it was presented to millions of people – which wouldn’t cover the Creator part, of course – we’d just have to check for effects on those millions.

And that’s where the trial runs rather cold.

If someone were to come along today with a book, claiming that its Divine transmission had been witnessed by millions of people, they'd be laughed out of the room.

There’s a reason for that

One cannot convince an entire nation, including its greatest analytical thinkers and its most ardent skeptics, that such a transmission occurred and had been witnessed by them when it hadn't.

Yep. Keep going with this thought. You’re really getting somewhere!

To those who would counter "What if the Bible came along a few hundred years later?" (claiming to have been witnessed a few hundred years back), such a claim would have been met with equal ridicule, just as a book claiming to have been given by the Creator, as witnessed by millions in the 1700s would be met with ridicule today. There would have been a well known history of such a happening. Simply put, a book that claims to have been Divinely given to millions cannot take hold on a widespread level if it is not true. That's a basic philosophical case.

So it’s true because enough people believe it’s true. Let’s check a few ideas that are true by that standard:

The sun revolving around the earth
The earth is flat
Milli Vanilli sang their own songs

This “basic philosophical case” isn’t holding up very well. How about we go with “it’s true when its claims are self consistent with itself and the empirical evidence”? It’s a pain, of course, since your claims are neither, but that definition has the added bonus of being actually useful and connected to reality.

There are also more hard physical reasons that point to the Bible's Divinity.

Do tell!

The Bible states in Genesis and in Jeremiah that the stars of the heaven cannot be counted. Scientists believed that the number of stars were only 1,100, those which could readily be seen. The Bible was way ahead of the time it was given and showed knowledge of that which could not have been known or seen by man.

It’s too bad that God didn’t let us know exactly how many stars he created and a timetable for the generation of new ones by the methods that He set in motion to do so. That would be much better evidence than the rather vague statement that they “cannot be counted”.

The Bible also attested to the laws of thermodynamics, a field that science only hammered out thousands of years later. The first law of thermodynamics is that the total sum of matter and energy in the universe can never change. Energy can change into matter and vice versa, but their combined sum is always constant. Until this discovery, the Bible's statement that "there is nothing new under sun" seemed like a statement that was ready to be disproven. Reasoning went that somewhere in the universe there must be new energy or matter developing. But there wasn't. Universally accepted science showed us that less than 200 years ago. The Bible told us that about 3,000 years before.

Or perhaps we could take the context of which that statement was written and not apply it willy nilly to a completely different context. I’m just saying.

More compelling is the Bible's clear attestation to the second law of thermodynamics (which was originally the first principle of this field, formulated by Sadi Carnot in 1824). This is that physicality becomes increasingly random and broken apart. Psalm 102 speaks of the heavens and the earth perishing and clearly implies a gradual decay, telling us this law well before it was discovered.

Another vague, ambiguous statement from the ancient goat herders. Sigh.

It should be noted here, at least for the sake of accuracy,

Accuracy is now important? Cool!

that the Bible also speaks of a new heaven and earth, meaning a newly fortified one, after the Divine presence is revealed. Such a heaven and earth will exist continuously according to most Biblical commentary, but will reveal their Divine Creator within them.

Be still my beating heart.

Eventual perfection of the world, after we've been given a chance to do our part, is a key tenet of most religion and is the only logical explanation for the Creation of a world in need of perfection.

Yeah…the only logical explanation…

Okay, let’s take a stab at another one. How about that the world was formed via natural forces over billions of years and not created by an invisible fantasy man who has never shown a single piece of verifiable evidence.

That sounds like another logical explanation. I’m just saying.

Such an advent also seems closer than ever according to any study of what the Bible says about its occurrence, especially in view of the rapid and radical changes the world has undergone in the last few decades alone.

And how about what things other than the Bible say? You’re about to get right on that, correct?

However, the physical universe as it stands now is in a slow state of decay (before it is refortified), a fact that only the Bible knew for thousands of years.

Your evidence that the Bible knew this is irretrievably weak. Do you actually have any evidence that no one else wrote comparable things or is this statement completely made up?

It should be noted that although this column is comparatively lengthy, it is still only a column and barely scratches the surface of the clear proofs that evidence the existence of the Divine and the Divine nature of the Bible, the Torah. The reader is encouraged to study further and to ask questions.

That’s so nice of you! And I’m sure that someday you might write something that doesn’t rely on the bible as your primary source about the veracity of the claims in the bible. Here’s looking forward to that day!

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