Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Homicidal maniacs giving science lessons

Evolution: It's such a unifying force in the world. It's brought together whole disciplines of scientific endeavors and continues to bring forward bizarre claims from theists. Over at EverVigilant.net, they put in their 2 cents worth.

Atheists have this strange notion that once they have destroyed all belief in the supernatural and have convinced everyone to embrace "rational thought" (their twisted version of proselytizing), the world will be a better place. Sorry, but no.

And your evidence about this would be that time in human history when everyone of consequence gave up their irrational beliefs, embraced rational thought and the entire world was dropped into utter chaos, anarchy, and war. And you compared this to the time in human history when everyone embraced imaginary beings as the answers to our human problems and the world was a beautiful, calm, and peaceful place.

Wait a minute…neither of these things have actually happened?!?

Of course, given the choice between everyone not believing in supernatural beings and everyone believing in supernatural beings, the former has one advantage of having never, ever been tried before and therefore at least stands a chance of working.

What exactly do you get when the atheistic worldview is carried out to its logical conclusion?

Reason! People truly examining the real consequences of their actions. No one imagining some paradise that they will go to for doing truly evil acts.

Chaos. Death. Destruction.

Wow. That’s way different than I thought you were going to say. And oddly similar to what a theistic world view has already given us for centuries.

The citizens of Jokela, Finland, found that out earlier today:

Finnish police said five male pupils, two females and the middle-aged female principal were shot dead when an 18-year-old pupil the building at around midday with a .22 calibre handgun and started shooting randomly.

The suspected gunman, Pekka-Erik Auvinen, had no prior criminal record, but he did have other problems:

Auvinen, described as holding "extreme Darwinian" views, is also thought to be responsible for another video recently posted on You Tube called "Just testing my gun" where an individual dressed in black shoots a pistol at a piece of fruit in a snowy forest.

"I'm a natural selector and will eliminate all those I see as unfit," Sturmgeist89 wrote on You Tube recently.

That's Darwinism in a nutshell.

That’s Darwinism in a nutshell the same way that the idea that we should kill every person on the planet save one family and a menagerie of animals on a boat is Christianity in a nutshell. It’s the conclusion that only nutjobs would agree with.

Seriously man, I’m worried about you. You’re taking science lessons from deranged, psychotic killers. I’m trying to come up with a situation where learning science from homicidal maniacs is a good thing and I’m coming up blank.

Take a rest and try deep breathing exercises. They might help.

Anyone adheres to an atheistic worldview lacks the necessary foundation to make moral judgments.

Interesting theory coming from a man who mistakes Ted Bundy for Mr. Wizard.

Oh, the atheist will try to say that his worldview allows for things like good and bad, right and wrong,

Those wacky atheists! They’re always trying to convince the rest of us that they’re not evil. But we know better, of course. I mean…they’re atheists! What more evidence do we need really? But I’m sure you’ll provide ironclad proof in just a couple of sentences. I can’t wait!

but such notions are meaningless in a philosophy that wishes man to remain unaccountable to a Creator. Doing what's "right" boils down to doing what feels good "right now."

Huh. That’s it? That’s your big ironclad proof for how evil atheists are?

Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that you’re busy taking a sex-ed class from Professor Albert DeSalvo right now. When you’re out of class, please feel free to come back and finish up.

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