Monday, June 23, 2008

Ken Ham - Wackaloon!

Ken Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis and religious nutter, objects to PZ Myers calling him a "wackaloon". Amusingly enough, PZ detailed a few more comments for Hammy and, of course, the Rational Reply!

Biology Professor Calls Me “Wackaloon”

PZ Myers, a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota–Morris, ranted in a blog item (which is apparently quite popular among anti-creationists)

Woot! Anti-creationists! Would that be the same thing as evolutionists? If so, why the bizarre negative term? If not, what is it exactly? How much creationism do you have to believe in order to no longer be an anti-creationist? Do Old Earth creationists qualify or only Young Earth creationists?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Okay, I'm sorry, Ken. You're not used to dealing with any inquiring minds, so I'll take it slower. Forgive me, please.

about my speaking at a prayer breakfast at the Pentagon. The arrogance and intolerance of some of these people is remarkable

Almost as arrogant as someone saying that they have all the answers in this little book and only their interpretation is correct? And almost a intolarant as a group of people going to war against lots of other groups because they have the wrong book? That arrogant and intolerant? Wow!

Considering this person is supposed to be an academic teaching good research skills to students at a university, I would not want to trust any of his lectures considering the logic he used in his recent blog.

He stated:

Ken Ham, chief wackaloon at Answers in Genesis, was invited to speak…at a Pentagon prayer breakfast.

Just let that sink in.There are people at the Pentagon who are in charge of planning where your sons and daughter and nephews and nieces and other beloved family members and friends will be sent to put their lives at risk. There are military personnel there who can send missiles and bombers anywhere in the world. There are people there who control nuclear weapons.

And they think Ken Ham is a fine-and-dandy, clever feller.

It’s almost enough to make me wish I could pray. It’s not just Ham, either—it’s that the people with the big guns have prayer breakfasts.

Now consider this:

1. Over 23,000 people work at the Pentagon. I spoke to 100 Christians at a prayer breakfast—less than 0.5% of the Pentagon workforce (good response from those present by the way).

I don't think he's worried about the percentages of employees that you talked to. I think he's worried because you're a wack job and anyone is listening to you. And especially worried if those people actually have influence on important things.

2. The military is now one of the most “politically correct” places in the USA. Not only do Christians have the freedom to meet—but so do Muslims, Hindus, and almost any other group you could name. Of course, if I had been a Muslim and went to the Pentagon to address a Muslim prayer breakfast, I’m sure PZ Myers would not have ranted against that—it is only Christians one is allowed to be intolerant of nowadays, it seems.

That makes sense! Anyone who opposes a religious nut job having influence would...not oppose a different religious nut job having influence...

Um, Ken, buddy...I'm just not following you on this one. Can you help me out here?

3. What’s he so worked up about anyway? If he’s right, God doesn’t exist—so prayer can’t do anything and, therefore, can’t harm anything. But, then, who cares about harm in a world without moral absolutes?

Every rational person

It’s the survival of the fittest; so, evolution will inexorably eliminate these weak-minded “idiots” at the Pentagon.

That would be a bad thing, Ken. Really.

If they nuke some people along the way, so what?

Dude, you're losing it here. Stay with me, Ken.

That’s just the death of the weakest in this purposeless accidental existence of ours; sooner or later the more fit will triumph, and the world will be more evolved.

Dude, there's no such thing as "more evolved", there's just "evolution" which is to say "change".

So, what’s Myers concerned about?

That would be all that nuking and killing and knocking off of people that you were talking about. The fact that nature kills off weak things doesn't mean that's a good idea or that we want to. I'm just saying.

This is all just time and chance and the laws of nature at work

No, that would be us at work, actually.

What is, is. There are and can be no “oughts.”

4. Notice how these evolutionists use such emotive language and name calling (e.g., “wackaloon”)—very academic, scientific arguments!

Ken, relax and take a chill pill or something. You're starting to foam at the mouth a little.

Don't worry about us. We have time.

Come on back after you calm down a little and start talking English again.

We'll wait.

People like PZ Myers are those who call for tolerance—but their intolerance for Christians illustrates clearly the spiritual nature of this battle—otherwise, why would they care?

Oh good! You've calmed down a little bit. That's great to see!

Back to your questions, though, it's not intolerance of Christians, it's intolerance of wack jobs. There's a difference, although it might take some effort to explain it to you. Lots of Christians have it down pat, though!

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